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The year 2014 saw us reach out to more than 5,000 youths in and out of schools not mentioning the 134 pupils at Hope Children's School via our Empowerment Program Discovering Defining and Presenting yourself to Opportunities (DDPO)and all we can say is that the journey continues believing in Job 8:7

The 2014 Activism Campaign for Prevention of Violence and Abuse Against Children and Youths saw us reaching out to 19 Schools that's over 2,300 pupils/students with one message "No Violence Against Children is Justifiable" whilst teaching them the preventive measures to practice plus their responsibilities. The Campaign ended with an annual event which brought together over 1,700 people for the same message. GCHI as organization has been involved in several activities in 2014 to mention but a few;
  1. a) Mobilization of farmers into groups- GCHI will mobilize farmers to form groups.
  2. b) Establishing community based seed multiplication in target villages.
  3. c) Youth Mentorship Programmes.
  4. d) Supporting Orphans and critically vulnerable Children with Education.
  5. e) Supporting the needy with scholastic materials and basic care.
  6. f) Establishing Farmer Field Schools and provide practical training for farmer groups on improved agricultural practices.
  7. g) Supporting communities with agriculture inputs such as seeds and farm tools.
  8. h) Training farmers in Modern methods of farming and to mention but a few.
  9. i) Mobilizing communities to clear community wells to access safe water.

gchi Achievements for 2017

  1. Expansion of HCS to Primary Section P.1 - P.3.
  2. Enrollement of more 52 Vulnerable Children to HCS.
  3. Supported 120 Children with Scholastic material at HCS.
  4. Training of 4VSLA Groups comprising of 120 members in Selection Planning and Management (SPM) of IGAs.
  5. Organised International Women's Day were we sensitized over 500 people on matters of women empowerment.
  6. Supported 134 vulnerable children with food stuffs and essential drugs.
  7. Supported 134 children with food stuffs and Essential drugs at Hope Children's School (HCS).
  8. Supported 35 children with School fees at Hope Children's School (HCS).
  9. Supported 210 children with scholastic material.
  10. Equipped Hope Resource Centre (HRC) with reading material which serves more than 250 people especially children and youths.
  11. Organized Day of African Child were over 600 children and youths attended and sensitized on their roles and responsibilities in their communities.
  12. Scaled out Discovering Defining and Presenting yourself to Opportunities Program to 4 secondary schools were over 400 students were mentored in life skills.
Recruitment Of Volunteers
Giving Children Hope Initiative recognizes the importance played by volunteers in development work. Since this was one of the planned activities to enhance the performance of the Initiative, it was preferred that this can be undertaken as a continuous activity largely depending on the nature of projects being implemented. 5 volunteers were recruited during the year 2013 currently working with the Initiative. It is in the interest of the Initiative to recruit more volunteers as and when GCHI gets more funding in the coming year.

Climate Mitigation sector (GCHI Green Campaign 2050)
With our partner COVOID which is affiliated to worldwide network for children- Plant for the Planet initiative which aims at mobilizing the world to plant 12 Billion Trees we initiated a tree Planting culture among the children and people in communities dubbed "GCHI Green Campaign 2050" - Over 500 seedlings have been distributed in schools and todate GCHI owns an 8 acre demonstration farm of different tree species on the other hand GCHI is in touch with NFA and expects to secure more seedlings to distribute to schools and to communities. GCHI promotes mainly carbon trees as part of the strategy to fight global warming.

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