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Economic Strengthening

VSLA introduced by GCHI has instilled a spirit of hard work as people have to work hard to realize money for savings- I can no longer afford to waste time, I have to work hard to look for money for saving in the subsequent weeks, remarks Aisha of Nalugamba In short the methodology has introduced a spirit of hard work and we link this with Pauls appeal to Thessolonicians to work hard- 2 Thess 3.10 ( Brothers and sisters if you dont work you should not eat.

Women empowerment - GCHI, like Shaggy the Jamaican Artiste, we believe in the strength of the woman because once women are empowered then we know our children will undoubtedly benefit. For example we always get success stories of women telling us that I used money from VSLA to pay fees for my children, buy clothes for my Children, take my child for treatment, etc.

GCHI through VSLA we have partly been able to address issues of gender inequality as women have been able to access income are able to participate in decision making at HH level this in a way we are supplementing the Uganda Government to realize MDG 3 of gender equality and woman empowerment by the year 2015 (UN MDG Declaration 2000).

Food Security & Nutrition

GCHI carries out Nutrition Education and cooking demonstrations in different areas of its operational where by communities were taught on good and bad feeding habits, behavioral change communication on food consumption as well as how to prepare different types of food coupled with farm demonstration with in the area of modern farming methods.

Health, Water, Sanitation & Shelter

GCHI has reached out to many households with our quarterly Health Clinics we also look at WASH as a fully fledged sector and by the end of 2014 GCHI had promoted village savings and loans association interventions to date the organization has over 24 VSLA groups spread in Mityana. VSLA structures provide good avenues for Sanitation, Water.


GCHI founded a School called Hope Children's School to date the school supports orphans and vulnerable children with education and other social economic and spiritual requirements like psychosocial support, health services, tuition, start up kits and sanitary pads to the girl child and other scholastic materials like books, pens, bags, pencils, uniforms, mathematical sets among others.

GCHI founded a Youth Sports Club called Hope Sports Club to date we have group of over 55 young boys under the age of 17 in Mityana and the group is excepted to grow bigger where we provide a learning environment to these lads on different life aspects in collaboration with our partners Buwate Youth Sports Academy (BUYOSPA) and Universal Aide Society.

Child Protection & Legal Support

Increased awareness levels of communities on the rights of the children. GCHI uses her livelihood structures (VSLA and Farmers groups to promote child rights and most of VSLA are equally child protection committees and also act as Gender based violence (GBV) watch dogs.

Under child protection GCHI has one strategic Objective of improve the position of children so that all boys and girls can fully enjoy their rights, and to build societies that acknowledge and respect childrens rights. This is more emphasised in our annual organized November 19Days Activism Campaign for Prevention of Abuse and violence against Children

Climate Mitigation sector (GCHI Green Campaign 2050)

With our partner COVOID which is affiliated to worldwide network for children- Plant for the Planet initiative which aims at mobilizing the world to plant 12 Billion Trees we initiated a tree Planting culture among the children and people in communities dubbed GCHI Green Campaign 2050- Over 500 seedlings have been distributed in schools and todate GCHI owns an 8 acre demonstration farm of different tree species on the other hand GCHI is in touch with NFA and expects to secure more seedlings to distribute to schools and to communities. GCHI promotes mainly carbon trees as part of the strategy to fight global warming.

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