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Giving Children Hope Initiative is a Ugandan registered Non Government Organisation (NGO) under the Registration No.S.5914/9335 and also registered with MDLG No.CR/223/03/09 The organization has been in existence since 2010 and our operational areas are Mityana,Kampala, Kalungu and Luwero districts in Uganda. The organisational activities are executed within the thematic areas of;

  1. Child Protection.
  2. Health, Water and Sanitation.
  3. Food Security/Livelihoods.
  4. Civic Empowerment.
  5. Sports Development.
  6. Education.

To have a holistic approach to improve the welfare of orphans and other vulnerable children in Uganda.


Giving Children Hope Initiatives main responsibility is to ensure that the social and economic factors affecting youth in communities do not undermine their lives ahead.


To empower the youth, women and the underprivileged through community sensitization on human rights, gender relations, food security, awareness on education policies and diversification.

  1. Enhance community efforts aimed at improving health and access to improved water and sanitation facilities.

    1. Creation of community awareness in HIV/AIDS, prevention of sanitation related diseases and malaria control.

    2. Involve communities in sanitation activities like cleaning community wells and roads.

    3. Increase community involvement in disease prevention through immunization, food handling, safe water chain and maintenance of personal hygiene.

  2. Support livelihood development through better food production and improved farming practices at community level.

    1. To develop, promote and encourage the local communities adopt appropriate technologies and develop entrepreneurialship skills for self-sustenance.

    2. To support the poor and vulnerable groups in both rural and urban settings of Uganda in the adoption of modern farming methods to enhance greater agricultural productivity.

    3. To boost local communities in undertaking income generating activities and investment in small scale enterprises in a bid to eradicate poverty.

  3. Support the strengthening of community civic capacities and competencies for their more effective participation in shaping development processes.

    1. Promote inter- school collaboration .

    2. To mobilize resources to build schools founded on moral and ethical values so as to meet the national standards.

    3. Increase community Awareness.Participation and advocacy for Human rights and child protection.

    4. To support youth in developing potential and guide them into fulfilling their lives.

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